These days it is more important than ever that texts which are to be read in English are properly written and constructed. The vast vocabulary and complex grammar of English means that it is difficult even for qualified translators to do a really good job, and that’s where native speaker proof-reading can give added quality to your texts, making them more readable in a competitive world. Any texts such as academic articles that are to be published in an English-speaking country must be written in perfect English or they will be rejected, and books, manuals, reports, signs, leaflets and brochures that are poorly written in English reflect badly on your company. Let us proof-read and check them, and their quality will be assured!

Our experience in proof-reading extends to all types of texts on all types of subjects, from tourism to astrophysics, from medical articles to company annual reports. All information is dealt with in the strictest confidentiality. In addition to making necessary corrections, we can also provide comments with alternative suggestions and explanations as to why certain changes should be made.

Price: From €7,50 per translation page (1 translation page is 1500 characters without spaces), depending on length, complexity, and quality of English.